Feb 25, 2011

Win-Win! Win!

Not only is there an incredible webisode with some tips on a great tool, you can win one!  This postition-it is a must have for anyone who has ever touched a stamp, or wants to! Hop on over to the Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine's website to enter! Watch webisode #15, and leave a comment by clicking on the little red comments box:0) You have until Monday night to enter.

Now that is what I call win-win! Win!

And a little picture of my girl- playing barbies with the most patient cat on the planet.  Just because it makes me smile!

I am still a scrapbooker!

Well, my world has been a whirlwind for the past month.  And that is to put it mildly!  I am having a great time in the kindergarten classroom, and it has been amazing to dust off some old skills.  Or rather, it's been a great relief to discover that they are still there under all the dust.  Between sorting out names of 50 odd little people, learning the classroom routines and trying to jump in so that I am acting in ways consistent with the other teachers in the room and getting to really understand the needs of the students that I am working most closely with, it has been a very busy month.  Next month's goal?  Get to know the staff outside our kindergarten and more about the school as a whole so far.  At this point, I am thrilled to bits with what I have discovered!

I am even fitting in more time to be creative.  Going to a fabulous crop in Cold Lake mid-month was a wonderful kick-start for me.  I am returning to my original drive to create, and I am loving the results.  I think I even said out loud at the crop, "I am still a scrapbooker!"  Sounds weird, but I am delighted to discover that there is still water in that old well.  I have even slipped down to my (very messy) scrap area on a few odd evenings since the crop with happy results.  Hope to finish work on a few more pages this weekend, but I have deadlines for Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine to meet first.  Nose to the grindstone... 

Let me leave you with Webisode #15 from the magazine!  

Have a great weekend everyone!