May 27, 2013

A Little Sunday Gratitude....

Avery took a book out of the library about a week ago, and has since been inspired to make and do all sorts of things. Most are innocuous, like making crepes, (which she did at breakfast this morning).

The big thing on her list is one that I had big reservations about. She wanted to make a cast with paper mache! I kept putting off the whole paper mache notion with flimsy excuses, mostly about why this particular moment is not a good time.  But then Mark stepped in, and in an effort to be helpful (I think:0/) he diverted her attention away from making a cast. But not away from doing paper mache... And since she was expecting a friend over today, the two schemers figured today would be a wonderful day. Mark got her balloons to mould over, and Avery took charge of the rest of the preparations.

She had barely cracked her eyes open this morning when she started to cut strips of newspaper.  After our errands in the morning, she got right back to work on the preparations.  She mixed the flour solution. She set up the garage- which was the exact right location for this craft. And she waited for E to arrive...

The girls dove in immediately and enthusiastically, and in short order had the first layer on their balloon. They ran off to play while it dried, but didn't stay away long, and peals of laughter sporadically erupted from the garage. I was in my happy place mucking about in my yard and garden and felt contentment at hearing the joyful noises.  I should mention that as part of the negotiations for this project I had told Avery that I didn't have time to supervise this undertaking. She assured me that it would take hardly any supervision at all. In fact, she would look after everything (which she did!) and all I really had to do was holler, "Are you dead????" into the garage now and then.  I was relieved of even that duty by the continuous stream of un-dying noise that emanated into the yard.

only a sample of the gluey mess created...

they were thorough!

At one point (quite honestly, way too far into the game) I passed through the garage on my way into the house and was greeted by chaos. Flour glue was EVERYWHERE!!!!  All over the kids. On the doorknobs. In a thick trail from the garage to the kitchen (or vice versa) making the floor a slippery hazard to walk over. I give myself a gold star, because I very calmly asked, "What happened?"

Avery's reply? "Well, some stuff happened!"

"Ah!" said I, as though that explained the glue in the cat's fur. "Well, just don't let more stuff happen than you want to be responsible for cleaning up after."

"We won't!!!!" came the promissory chorus.

And here is where the gratitude comes in. I walked into the house to do whatever it was that I needed and walked out again, camera in hand! I was thinking to myself how wonderful play is, and how I never want to chase away Avery's ability to immerse in the moment and be.

When I came into the backyard again, Mark asked what was happening. I told him I was given a chance to practice going with the flow....

The girls had transformed into bakery owners. But they were super-eco-friendly owners who only use the amazing power of the sun to bake their wares!

You must apply an egg wash with a barbeque brush before baking...

And dance with your creation.

And toss as high as you can, as often as you can for the perfect dough!

And I felt gratitude for the ability to turn a hose on and just spray down a good portion of the mess. And more gratitude for my yoga class that called me away from overseeing the bulk of the clean up.
And even more gratitude for this guy, who didn't bat an eye at stepping in for that part I had to ditch. Although, it was kind of his idea, wasn't it?
I never did find out what they made from paper mache!

May 14, 2013

Book Fairs and logic....

Last week I went to a Scholastic Warehouse book sale. Everybody who ever went to school or has kids in school knows about Scholastic book orders- I totally remember the excitement of making an order and the anticipation of those new books' arrival!  The warehouse sale was basically a chance to see every book Scholastic has available, and shop at some great prices. Last year, I decided to buy each of the kids I read with at work a book to give them at the end of year. A warehouse sale was a perfect chance to do the same this year!

Of course, Avery wanted to go with me. But the flyer indicated that children under the age of 15 were not allowed in the warehouse, and so I had to tell her she could not come. She was incensed! After sputtering wildly about how unfair that was she calmed down and presented a rational argument for why this was wrong. Her list went something like this:

1. As a kid, she would be very helpful in choosing books for other kids; she knows what kids like.
2. She could help carry things.
3. She is good company, and I wouldn't be lonely while shopping!

1. Kids can be noisy.
2. Kids carry germs.

She wisely concluded that the advantages far outweighed the disadvantages, in her opinion.

I rather agree, don't you?

I was able to redeem Scholastic for her by taking her to a book fair/sale at another school today. We totally scored 7 or 8 books for a whopping $24.