Jun 29, 2011

Another Fabulous Wednesday!

Another chance to win:0) Pop on over to Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine's facebook page and comment on this week's "Why Not Win Wednesday" post- just scroll down until you see the picture that matches this prize from Spellbinders!

And I have a few other fun things to tell you about.  Have you ever wanted to be a part of a design team?  Magenta is looking to add to their team and if you would like to apply, you can find the details on their blog.

Also, I have a great new blog to tell you about.  The stamp-gifted Cathie Allan has begun to blog!!!  I have her listed in the blog list to the side, or you can just follow this link to tour some wonderful stamp goodness and 'Creative Whispers'.

On a personal note, I am nearly finished with this school year.  I have to say that I was so nervous about stepping back into work with the school system.  It has been years since I have had to apply those skills and was so worried that I would have forgotten everything I knew, or no longer have the patience required.  I went through my performance appraisal today, and it seems that they like me!!!!  Whew!!!  What a sense of relief.  While I don't have a position lined up for the fall yet (my contract this year was tied to the needs of several specific students), I am so relieved to hear that they would take me back in a heartbeat.  Please cross your fingers for me that there is another opportunity in the fall... 

Jun 25, 2011

When you don't know what to say...

... sometimes space to wait it out is the answer.

There is lots on my mind lately.  No worries, everything is fine.  Just full of thinking of things.  Things I cannot change, but wish I could. Lots of events that are peripheral to me in a way, but effect me nonetheless. Lots of thinking about who I am as a human being, a work in progress, imperfect but trying. Changes happening that are outside of my control; the worst is waiting and not having some action to be busy with.

Glad it is summer.  One week of work left before holidays.  And then what?  A delightful mystery to let unfold.  Although finally getting baseboards and back splashes in our house will be part of our summer undertaking.

What thoughts are filling YOUR head these days?

And a little more remote testing!

This time with a picture.  Of my now string-obessed girl!

Remote test!

This is me, blogging from my phone!

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