Jan 27, 2016

Runner's Log 01/24/16

Too much to do today for real fun, but the amazing weather pulled me outside and I got to walk to the store, accompanied by my mostly willing daughter. About 5km 

Runner's Log 01/27/16

Walked to and from choir practice tonight, as I usually do but this time I took the longer way home. It added a few extra km to my day's total and 5000 extra steps. Because of today's melting temperatures, the sidewalks were treacherous but I achieved my first weekday 20 000 step day! 

Jan 26, 2016

Runner's Log 01/26/16

Marathon ladies and I were indecisive about a short run after work today. Ultimately 2 of us went for it, plus we gained an extra! Left saying we were only up for a short, easy run. Ended up with a 5.5km jaunt that felt pretty good. Much better than our last outdoor run (for me). 

Just to make it weird, it was raining. In January! In North Central Alberta! 

Signed on to another work week hustle challenge on fitbit. Did nothing yesterday, so starting at a deficit. Will have to work hard to catch up!

Jan 23, 2016

Runner's Log 01/23/16

Good and awesome run with the marathon ladies. Ran 10k for the first time. About 1hour 13 minutes (cool down time included in active minutes).

Runner's log 01/21-22/16

Thursday, January 21/16
Ran with marathon group outside- 5km in 40 minutes. Although I was pleased with this, it was freaking hard and a big bad dose of reality hit. How on earth am I going to accomplish 22km? I whined and complained and basically spilled my nerves all over the place. I was obnoxious to run with.

Friday, January 22/16
Laughed about a running clinic that costs $300 with marathon group. We will muddle through clinic free. An evening walk- 6km in 60 minutes. Picked up bottles and enjoyed being outside. Worked at calming myself the heck down. I won't die. I won't come in first. I might come in last, and all will be well.

Happy little side note- participated in a fitbit challenge this week (workweek hustle), and came out on top! I'm not fast, but I'm getting somewhere. Average around 13k steps a day.

Jan 20, 2016

Runner's Log 01/20/16

Brisk walk tonight - approx 6 km total. Cold out, but have to keep my place in a group challenge on fitbit. Curse those enthusiastic people who keep me moving. The fitbit challenge is also responsible for a 9:45pm push to hop on the elliptical for 45 minutes last night!

Jan 18, 2016

Runner's Log 01/18/16

Signed up for a half marathon at the end of May. Meant to register for a 10k... life is weird sometimes. 

Battling different apps to record accurate distance when running in a gym or treadmill. Have my fitbit app, which disagrees with itself (regular step/distance vs run) and map my run. Work in progress. 

Running an hour at a time. Slow running. With short walking stretches. 

Jan 3, 2016

Runner's Log 03/01/16

3 km in 22 min. No empties because we tried to keep a decent pace. Made me sad to pass them by. 

Off to the elliptical for a little more. 

Jan 1, 2016

Runner's Log 01/01/16

Beautiful day- mostly walking with some jogging bits. 1 hour, 7.25 km, 21 empties collected.