Dec 3, 2013

Check one off the bucket list!

For the past few years I've been nurturing a little notion that I would love to build a house. I felt a little bit hesitant about putting it out into the world because I have hippy corners in my heart and the thought just seemed so extravagant. Tentatively, however, I dragged my husband along to check out show homes and initiated discussions on 'What if....'

We made lists. We set up our criteria. We decided that if the right set of circumstances came about we would take the leap.

And rather surprisingly and sweetly, it all came together. The perfect for us lot. A builder we feel good about. A home design that although is not finalized, has all that we need and a lot of what we want. And it fits into the budget we set for ourselves.

The bank, the equity in our house and our hearts all said yes!  The ducks lined up smartly and on the first of December it became official: we are building a house!

The cheque that seals the deal! We've gotten ourselves into a relationship with Alquinn Homes. Here's to an exciting and smooth process.

Estimates at this time are that we will be in our new house mid-June, 2014. Pretty awesome!

Here is our lot. I am standing on the road, and we think Mark is standing at the far corner.  What we love about the lot is the fact that we have green space to the south and east- only one fence neighbour! And that it is centrally located so we can walk to many places (4 months of the year- who am I kidding?)

Yes! That is a farm in the background. This is what our view will be out our patio door.

You can't see me, because I am taking the picture, but I am equally as stinkin' happy as Mark!

On the east side of our lot a bike path goes by. On the other side of the bike path is a toboggan hill, a playground and a storm pond. Avery is on top of the hill.

Avery is somewhat less excited about this whole idea-become-reality. We try to involve her so she can get excited about the new house too. Except she says she would like things like a purple and pink garage door. And a dumbwaiter in the kitchen. Can you see a few bumps ahead? I am sure she will come around...

One last look at our lot. Soon to have a hole!

Here is the development plan. We are on lot 7 and we think it is perfect for us! Mark even has plans to go guerrilla gardening and plant trees in the green space to the south. I am hoping for fruit trees.

Here is a bigger picture of where we are in the city. We are moving from Linkside to the little 'X' between Westgrove and Heatherglen.
Stay tuned! All progress will be documented on this here blog....