Apr 19, 2016

A card and a tag!

My prima doll creation- phoomph under fabric gives her dress dimension. 

Dylusions spray ink and Sizzix working together in perfect harmony!

Apr 17, 2016

Runner's Log 04/17/16

It's been a while since I've updated on the progress towards Canmore. We've now been working on this for nearly 4 months and the going is so slow. I have to remind myself that in the beginning a few laps around the gym was challenging.  Our goal distance is 21km, and I seem to have stalled out at the 10km mark. I am finding it hard to improve distance, speed and stamina from this point. I personally have been plagued with a germ infestation that seems to love my lungs. I meet with the doctor next week to see if there are any clues in test results (chest x-ray, lung function test). This weird thing is also getting in the way of my singing. I can't sustain a note or rely on what is going to come out of my mouth.

Anyways, today's run was in beautiful, ideal weather. We ran 11km in an hour and a half. It actually felt pretty good, but there were walking stretches, one that was particularly long because my mom phoned! And there was trouble at the beginning with shin cramps; I resolved that by pulling down my cocoon running socks. I don't think I will ever make friends with that particular runner's aid!

Canvas Time

I've been making canvases the past few months- I love the messy layered process of just mucking around until it finally seems done!

This was created as a gift to a wonderful teacher friend!
Created for a friend who is about to undergo some medical treatments. I wanted to find a way to give her an encouraging quote!