Apr 27, 2011

Why Not Win Wednesday!!!!

I think Wednesday is my new favourite day of the week!  Canadian Scrapbooker is giving this great prize package from Basic Grey away, and you have until midnight April 29, 2011 to enter.


All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine's facebook page under the 'Why not Win Wednesday' thread!  Good luck:0)

Easter Pictures... well some of them anyway!

The Easter weekend was a relaxing one for us.  Mark and Avery did not have work/school on Thursday and spent a fun day together (along with a friend of Avery's) at the Telus Space and Science center while I went to work for a day of meetings and catch up.  Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning were at home as we had some things planned here.  We headed out to Mom and Dad's after lunch on Sunday and were treated to an amazing Easter feast as always.  Sunday evening the kids got to play farmer and check cows at my cousin's farm.  It is high calving season at his place, so there is always lots of interesting things to see! I took pictures using my phone, and don't know how to get them from there to here, so you'll have to take my word for it!

Then Monday morning we went for a long walk after breakfast, and saw many marvellous things.
Wide Open Spaces

The Meteor that killed the dinosaurs!

A cozy little spot to play 'baby deer' and nestle away quite hidden!

Great places to dig!

Even Buddha likes to dig;0)

Some animal's vertebrae- not sure what it was, but for a small animal it had a very stout build.

Saw eagles/hawks flying in and out of their nest and playing in the breeze, but no picture.  They were too far to see what bird it was for sure, but the heard that amazing piercing cry.

Hope your Easter was was happy too.

Apr 20, 2011

Why not Win Wednesday!!!

Hop on over to the Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine's facebook page and comment on the giveaway thread for a chance to win this prize package from Westcott:

You have until midnight Friday April 22, 2011 to enter. 

Apr 17, 2011

Play at Fort Edmonton Park

My talented friend Carla introduced me to this fun sketch site: Get Your Sketch On, and for the first time I am going to play along.  This is their sketch #15:

And this is what I did with it.  Forgive the flash- it is nearly midnight and no natural light is to be found right now:0)

I used Basic Grey papers (Curio line) as well as stickers and diecuts, Maya Road and handmade flowers, Prima bling and lace, Close to My Heart metal accents and vintage buttons (from my Baba's button jar, my most precious inheritance from her!!!).  Thanks for looking!

Apr 16, 2011

Project Mother's Day Card!

I offered to design a simple card that the kindergarden kids could make as part of their Mother's Day gift.  It was fun to put together and I think the kids and Moms will like it.  In designing the card, I was keeping an eye on the cost of supplies because between the two classes there are 50 children.  Even simple things add up with those numbers!  I do want to use real scrapbook papers as opposed to the construction paper available in the school; the card will then have a stronger structure.

We'll take photos of all the kids individually holding the sign that I made using the Cindy Loo Cricut cartridge and a border punch- the lovely Avery modelled for me:

And the card will be something like this.  My sample uses new Basic Grey papers, but I will shop the discount bins for the kids' supplies.  I am sure I will find something bright and cheery for them, and I hope they like making the little lollipop flower. The stamped words are from a Close to My Heart set.  

Those kids make me smile!!!

I was working with a little guy on Friday- knew he had no clue what he was supposed to be doing for his little Easter project.  He is one of those happy kids that rolls around like a puppy but then is shocked and upset with himself when he realizes that he's forgotten to listen to instructions.  I am pretty sure I saw him trying to stand on his head when the teacher was telling him what to do...

Anyways, the kids were sent back to their tables and their projects and I went over to catch him up.  Unfortunately he was still off in his imaginary world where you needed to poke your scissors into the top of your glue stick, so out came my stern voice to capture his attention.  I let him know that I was here to help him, but would come back later if he was not ready to listen to instructions.  His little face was the picture of contrition and he looked ready to join me in learning about the wonders of using said scissors and glue on actual paper.  I asked him if he had something he wanted to say to me, hoping for something like "I will listen now Mrs. L.!" or "I am sorry Mrs. L.!"  Instead his face quirks into its customary beaming smile and he says to me, as he gently pinches my cheeks, "Now where is that smiling face???"

Apr 14, 2011

Win on Wednesday's with Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine

Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine is giving away a fabulous prize package every Wednesday(ish) to their facebook fans.  Head on over to their facebook page and make a comment on the post about this week's giveaway by Friday April 15th midnight for a chance to win this sweet summery 'Ad Lib' line from Bo Bunny.  You can find the facebook page here and make sure to comment in the post about the giveaway.

And for a glimpse into my everyday life, let me share with you some 'Conversations with Kindergarteners' (cue suspenseful music!)

Teacher: You were away sick last week.  We missed you!
Student: Yeah.  I had a sore throat, but I went to the doctor.
Teacher: What did the doctor say? Did you need medicine?
Student: Nope.  No medicine. He said I am just fine, I only have really big tonsils.
                    <dramatic pause, accompanied by a sigh>
Student:  Just another thing that I am the best at!

Apr 3, 2011

Some Random Sunday Thoughts

1. I am obsessed with holidays lately.... thinking about summer holidays, thinking about Christmas 2011.
2. New neighbours moved in next door this weekend.  Thinking of going all Martha Stewart on them and baking something to welcome them to the neighbourhood.  Good intentions pave the road to hell, or so they say.  We'll see if I add a cobblestone to the road or not!
3. Need a haircut and color- bordering on desperate.  Have to find out if my stylist will see me some evening as I don't have daytime availability anymore.
4. I miss having daytime availability.  But I love my new job... figures!
5. Loves hearing kids play outside.  Warms the cockles of my heart it does!
6. Wonders what heart cockles are...
7. Stuffed pork tenderloin for supper tonight.  Need to find some sort of recipe/guidepost for that!
8. Happy that the edges of the lawn are appearing from the beneath the snow mountains.  Not happy that the cats are tracking in mud.
9. If I were rich would I buy overpriced clothes, shoes and purses?  Would love to think that I could do something better with my good fortune, and would really love the opportunity to find out!  I would hire someone to come here and put up our baseboards in spite of the fact that we are all perfectly capable to do the task!  I bought a lotto Max ticket today... gets me dreaming:0)  I am pretty sure I would take lots of holidays.
10. Looking forward to getting back to work tomorrow and seeing what the kindergardeners have been up to!

This is what the gang was up to outside this afternoon!

Mark's artsy photograph!

The lucky snowman and her creators.  Nice work Avery and Emma!  They named her Belle.

The 'help'

If you could dream any holiday you wanted, where would you like to go?