May 26, 2011

Look What My Kid Can Do:0)

Where this interest came from I don't know, but it has been a longstanding one for Avery.  Since she was very young, she has loved visiting fabric stores and getting lost in the possibilities of creation.  In fact, on one such trip her Grandma bought her an old pattern book for a few dollars and she would pour over the pages, studying each design in turn.  She would take any fabric remnants she could get her hands on and create different things for her stuffies (who were happy recipients of her largesse) and her cats (who were much less so).

We were delighted to learn about a local quilting store, Sewing with Class,  that offered sewing classes to kids.  We signed her up and since February she has been going for weekly lessons.  First on the agenda was to make a drawstring bag to keep her sewing supplies in:

Then she created a lovely apron for me from the scraps:0) This one was not done in class, but on her own volition. 

 Next she finished up a nightshirt!  How she loves the variegated dye on this fabric!

 Here she is at class at work on her latest project:  It was her last day until classes start again next fall.

 And here she is wearing her creation!  A lovely pair of yoga pants- complete with the tree? pose, lol!

 And apparently she had enough time at the end of class to use her scraps for a mini drawstring bag.

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  1. That's AWESOME Avery!! I'm very impressed!
    Did you know you can sew some AWESOME flowers for your mom to scrap with, or to accent dresses and skirts with just a needle, thread and 5 small circles of fabric? I can email your mom the how to's if you want to try it! :0)


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