Feb 14, 2012


I really, really, really {heart} working with little people!  They make me smile each and every day!  I have to share with you a conversation I overheard today.

But first, let me set the scene.  It is Valentine's Day at the school. Love is in the air, glitter and paper hearts are everywhere.  Sugary treats are being dispensed with reckless abandon.  How does one contain oneself in such an atmosphere? Well, you don't even try if you are in the first grade!

Two kids were admiring their plastic heart rings they plucked from the icing of their valentine cupcakes and marvelling that they matched!

Girl: It shows that we are really in love, and will get married!
Boy: Yes! But not yet.  I think we're a little young for that.
Girl: True.  And we haven't even lived with each other yet!

Hope your Valentines' was happy!

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