Feb 24, 2012

A Taste of CHA!

What is CHA, you ask? CHA is the big tradeshow for the craft industry.  It happens twice a year, and all us hardcore peeps anticipate them eagerly as all new releases are revealed and showcased.  I, of course, am all over the scrapbooking supplies but actually there are many representatives from all across the craft industry.  The trade show floor is so big you cannot see it all in one day or not in any way that does it justice. Although I have been to CHA before, I don't get to go to all of them.  So I am delighted that Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine is serving up CHA buffet style with 'A Taste of CHA'. 17 favourite manufacturers represented in 10 days, and you can win the whole kit and caboodle!!!  Seriously! $400 of NEW release scrappy supplies.  It takes a little bit of effort (if you consider showing the prize sponsors some love effort) and a facebook account but the tour and the prizes are totally worth it!  You have until midnight on February 29th to enter!  Just go HERE to learn how!

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