Mar 18, 2012

you know you've been married a long time when...

Our good camera recently experienced some trauma. As in it got dropped, and the main lens' body got kinked.  So we have been looking at options for repair, and finding that what we really want is a different camera.  When we bought our camera, it was our first foray into an DSLR and the rebel seemed like a good choice. It was a stretch for us to buy it, but we waited for a good sale and Mark especially has learned to use the camera off the preset functions.  We've had it for 5 years and have invested in additional accompanying lenses and an external flash, with long range plans for more!

Now we were faced with a decision. Fix it or replace it? Now that we know more, we want a camera that can do more.  But $200 to replace the lens is a long way from $1000 to upgrade the body and replace the lens. A month and a half of indecision went by...

Before the issue/opportunity of the camera came up, we had been looking at getting an iPad.  I especially want it to use with my students at school. There are tons of educational apps that I can use to support the literacy activities I already use. Given that my position is over in June and I have no idea which school I will be in, with what age group, come September I have to be honest in saying that it is mostly for me (and my family).  But still, the cool things I can use if for in school just tip the balance, however short term that may be.  With the intro of the iPad 3, the 2's came down in price and looked more enticing than ever.  We laughed at the irony of looking at two high-end items at once.

This week, we made a decision on the camera.  A sale came along at Vistek and on Saturday Mark headed into the city to get our new camera.  While he was there, I got to thinking.... and thinking... and thinking!  Finally I decided to just go ahead and order the iPad. We'd figure it out somehow.

When he got home, Mark found me at the computer just about to check out our new iPad.  He asked me if I was sure we should do it.  "Yup!" I said happily.  "Let's just go for it!"  Whereupon he told me I had better wait, and he ran out to the garage.

Back he came with a new iPad. He had it hidden out there so he could get it all set up before surprising me with it.

And the kicker... he got the same color (white) body and cover (green) that I had chosen!

Avery reading on the iPad, Mark reading about the camera, and me taking a picture with the camera!

Make it a great week everyone!!!!


  1. Life is good! I feel very lucky too!

  2. It's good when nice things happen to nice people! Loved your story.


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