Mar 26, 2013

Loges in Disneyworld- Day 1

The morning started off with the big reveal! Avery knew at this point that we were planning a holiday, but she didn't know where we going. We set it up like this: I made an acceptance letter from Hogwarts for her, printed it and placed it on her nightstand right on top of her glasses. The idea was that she would find it in the morning, read it and race to us screaming with delight as she realized that we were going to Universal Studios and Disneyworld!

That is not how it played out, however. We heard her get up in the morning. We heard some rustling around in bed. We heard her glasses thunk as they were picked up off her night stand. And then we heard.... nothing!  So we waited, full of anticipation. And still- nothing! After 10 minutes or so, curiousity got the best of me, and I peeked into her room to see if she really was awake. She was. And she was just sitting there in bed, reading her book. Calm. Cool. Collected. So I emphatically looked at the nightstand and the letter propped up on it. She nodded. I am now bursting.  "Well? Did you read it?" I asked.

"Yeah," she answered.


"We're going to Universal Studios," she said calmly.

I am now flummoxed. "Well, yes!!!!" I cried! "Yes!!!"

And then she couldn't contain herself anymore, and the squealing commenced!  Whew!

And so, the players got played....

So with a last minute scramble of tidying, packing and key delivery to the neighbour who is kindly looking in on the cats while we are gone, we are off!

The rest of this day was not too exciting. An icy, traumatic trip to the airport. Overpriced, bland airport food. Hurry up and wait as we shuffled through 3 airports, several security checks and baggage transfers.

But after all that, we arrived in Orlando Florida to a warm evening and bunny towels waiting for us in our hotel room window. 

It is now 1am local time and I think we have earned our rest! Tomorrow the real fun begins!

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