Mar 26, 2013

Loges in Disneyworld- Day 2

Sleep away from home is never as good as at your place, but we were pretty exhausted, and managed a fitful longer sleep. We decided not to make our first day to rushed, but we did need to make it to Epcot by noon for a special meeting!  I won't put the pictures up here, but Katharina, if you read this, I will be sending you one soon!

First, we did a little exploring around our hotel:

Then got ready to board the bus to Epcot:

Our park passes are loaded right onto our room key, and to get into the park you just scan your card while holding your pointer finger on a scanner. Mickey's ears turn green and they allow you to enter!

Who knew there was magic in that finger??

Holding up the Epcot ball! Isn't she strong??

We had to wait for dad while he took a detour to the washroom, and were entertained by a duck sleeping under a tree.

They had a fun feature for kids to play while going through the world exhibit at Epcot. Avery picked up a phone from a kiosk and messages came to her to help find Perry the Platypus, or agent "P". We ended up in a phone booth in Britain collecting a golf ball out of the change dispenser! 

And yup! Smoked turkey legs are every bit as good as I remembered from our trip to Disneyland. I even saw t-shirts in praise of the smoked turkey leg in a gift shop!

Drummers drummed...

A butterfly garden was visited...

And my feet formed blisters. So I bought some croc flip flops. Which gave me blisters in whole new places! I actually went without shoes most of the day.

Our favourite ride was Mission Space. We went on that a couple of times:0)  But we didn't stay too long as we wanted to get to Downtown Disney for supper. So off we went.

We got to Rainforest Cafe about 6:30, where part 2 of our surprise was supposed to be unveiled. Unfortunately we did not make it at the time we arranged, and like ships in the night, we passed our opportunity by. AND, we couldn't get into the restaurant until 9pm! So while we waited for our callback time, we wandered about and saw the sights. We mostly saw crowds of people. 

Avery loved this little stop that randomly squirted water out of little jets. She alternately tried to dodge the jets and find them. She ended up quite wet!!!

We finally used up all our time before we could go for dinner, and stalked the restaurant. At 6:30, when we were not all that hungry, waiting til 9 sounded like a fine idea. It was less of a fine idea by 8 and even less brilliant by 8:30. For future reference, standing outside a supremely busy restaurant looking hungry and mournful does not get you a table any faster! We eventually did get fed, and we lived to tell the tale. And in true Disney style, the restaurant came equipped with its very own gift shop!  So we looked around....
And brought this little guy home with us!  Meet 'Spot' everyone!

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