Apr 7, 2013

Loges in Disneyworld- Day 5

After breakfast, we headed out to Hollywood Studios. We were greeted by an ernest entertainer who stopped to chat with us. I liked him a lot! And not just because he said I was beautiful and should be in the movies. Or at least jumping out of cakes... again.

Tower of Terror was the main ride we were after, but there was already a huge lineup. So we fast passed it and went off to see what adventures we could have in the meantime. We went on the Star Tours ride and caught the Indiana Jones stunt show. Both were entertaining and we were glad we stopped.

We took a mission through space. Just for fun!

The time came for us to hike it back to use our Tower of Terror tickets, and we angled ourselves towards the ride. And encountered a parade. And pin trading. So Mark, who had no lanyard with pins to trade was ahead of us, and did not realize that the rest of us found a good pin board to peruse. Upon noticing that we were missing he stopped to wait on the sidewalk. And met the insistence of a parade marshal that he move on.

"You can't stand here!" What would you do if a parade marshal told you to move on? Well, if you are Mark, you take a picture!

Parade Bug.

Parade super hero...

At last, we made it. The Tower of Terror.  As in: THE TOWER OF TERROR.

The Tower of Terror terrorized me! It has such a large and visible presence, and screams emanated from it constantly; I was not sure it was a good idea to go on this ride. In fact I am sure I loudly made this assertion as we rode up the elevator to our certain doom. And then- it drops! And I started to laugh maniacally.  And so, I was seduced by the lure of the demon tower... Best. Ride. Ever!  We'll be back, sweet ride. Soon...

The kids were getting kind of droopy, so we decided to head back to the hotel so they could swim for a while before our dinner reservations at 6:30. Of all the fun things to do in Disneyworld, Avery was strangely obsessed with the 'Hippy Dippy' pool at the resort, and she was excited about this. She changed at the speed of light, and I grabbed my book to accompany her there while Mark took a little nap. No sooner did she jump in when Mark came racing to the pool to share the revelation that we had mixed up our reservation time. We actually had 45 minutes to get to the Animal Kingdom resort for our meal! And so, an angry, dripping child was drug from the pool and hauled off for dinner.

Our reservations were for 'Boma', an African themed buffet restaurant. We were not sure what we were getting into, other than the place had been recommended by the Rink's travel agent. It turned out to be a great place to eat with a huge, interesting buffet. We all rolled out there kind of hurting, but in agreement that it was totally worth it!  Oddly enough we didn't take any pictures here, so I went surfing to find something. So here is the empty restaurant. I promise that we were there!
A way cool and delicious place to eat! If you are planning a trip to Disneyworld, make a stop here!
Littlest Rink was tired, so Momma Rink stayed back at the resort with her as the rest of us headed back to Hollywood Studios to catch the 8:30pm Fantasmic show. Despite arriving at the park at 8:00pm, we walked in to hear the announcement that the show was full for tonight. So we watched a band in the square and went on a 'Ride through the Movies'. In the end, even with a few bumps, it was another wonderful day.

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