Apr 27, 2013

Loges in Disneyworld- Day 9

(sniff- all good things must come to an end)

We were now becoming accustomed to ridiculously early hours, and since this was our last day to play in the parks, we were up and out of the room to get to the Magic Kingdom park as it opened. We got to the restaurant and looked around for the Rinks, who are far better at being early birds than the Loges, but didn't see them. We did see a bus just pulling out for the Magic Kingdom and figured that we just missed them.  But history had proven it would work out, and so we rushed through breakfast to catch the next bus to the park confident we would catch each other there.

This extra magic hour worked out, and we were able to move freely in the park; there were no crowds to wade through (yay for small miracles!!!!!). We set about putting as much fun as we could into the day.

We quickly got onto Thunder Mountain, riding it a couple of times. Then we grabbed a fast pass and set off to explore other parts of the park. As we wandered past Stitch's Great Escape we saw that it had no wait time, so although we didn't know what the ride was about, we popped in. Turns out, it was a multi-sensory ride where they surround you with a harness to stream puffs of air so make it feel like your hair was being flicked and the sensation of Stitch jumping on your shoulders. The best(?) part was Stitch belching after eating a chilli dog and the scent of just that filled the air. Avery was disgusted....

We walked out of the ride, and into the Rinks.  They were heading to the Tomorrowland Speedway, and so we joined them. Avery and I rode together, and I was so very thankful for the little bumper that ran between the tires to keep you on the road as she 'steered' around the track!

Avery carried on so much about the horrors of the chilli dog that naturally the rest of the Littles wanted to experience it too. Which distressed my little, who then tried to get out of going again. In the end she figured going again would be more fun than sitting outside the ride and waiting for the rest of us, if only just barely!

We went into the Monsters Inc Laugh Floor comedy show, which was surprisingly awesome! Digital characters interact with the audience; the technology to make animation in real time was very interesting.

We also rode the Pirates of the Caribbean (fun!) and It's a Small World. It's a Small World is the silliest, hokiest thing on the planet, but it was shut down for maintenance when we went to Disneyland, so we felt we had to experience it here. For some reason- can't really justify the choice actually. At least the lineup was short.

We stopped for lunch, and because we had a ton of meal credits left, we were able to get lunch for everyone. If I were to go again, I don't think I would get a meal plan. Or maybe get a smaller one. I don't know what we were thinking to buy a meal plan for days that we were not in Disneyworld, but in the end we didn't use up all our credits.  Anyways, it was nice to share- that part was good!

We set out after lunch with the intention of photos in front of the Magic Kingdom castle.. and were delayed by Fritz the horse...

TaDah! Pictures happened, and a gorgeous day for it!

La la la! When in front of a princesses castle, one MUST twirl!

All of us! We realized that we could not have been less coordinated if we had tried!

Disneyworld is truly a magical place... even give you a place for your naughty children!
We explored around the small world a bit, and found nothing that really interested the kids. But we did see a whole passel of princesses all decked out in their finest attire. It sure brought back memories!  Littlest Rink wanted to go through the haunted house, but the bigger littles were not even close to getting into that kind of adventure, so Mark and I headed off with the bigger littles to Thunder Mountain.

We spent the majority of the afternoon racing between Splash Mountain and Thunder Mountain, lining up, fast passing and screaming!  Most excellent:0) Somewhere in here we managed to get on the Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger spin...

We watched a special Easter parade...

Enjoyed ice cream...

And watched a 'regular parade'...

... complete with princesses and princes!

and stopped to twirl the marble ball one last time.
We finished off our day at Magic Kingdom with one last ride on Space Mountain. As we got off, we all agreed that it actually felt kind of slow, compared to some of the other roller coasters we had been on!  A pleasant trip through space is fine way to end a theme park adventure!

Everyone was tired; the kids were cranky, and its possible the adults were too. All the early mornings were catching up to us. That paired with a (finally!) hot day, everyone was regretfully ready to head back to camp.

We went for one last session at the pool. The bigger littles joined in some poolside hula hoop and song lyric games, while the littlest little slept on a deck chair.

As the Rinks had a middle of the night departure (as in up at 3am!!!!), they decided that supper at the hotel and as early a bedtime as they could muster was in order. We decided that we would head to downtown Disney for supper and shopping as we still had some souvenirs to pick up and we also needed clean socks!

On our first day, we had noticed a store called Little Miss Matched. A store completely devoted to to.... can you guess? Miss matched socks! Sold in sets of 3!  That way, it never matters if you lose one, or so they claim. Desperate times led us back to this store so Avery and I (who did not pack enough socks, anticipating more sandal weather than we actually had) would have socks to wear home.  Avery and I set about choosing socks, and Mark spent his time in the loose sock bin trying to match them up.... It is a wonder he did not get escorted out of there!

We ended with what we thought was a perfect finish to our adventure. We went for supper at Wolfgang Puck's, and the meal was fantastic. Best part was that we got to use our meal plan here! Only four meals were left behind....

Tired, full and full-up with adventure, we headed back to the hotel.

Our 5:30am departure would be upon us way too soon.

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  1. a most excellent and memorable adventure!!! I giggled reading this because we too stood in line to ride It's a Small World...... simply because it had been closed down when we were in Disneyland and I thought my boys should experience that saccharine schmaltzy song and ride at least once


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