Aug 5, 2013

Summer Fun #9

We decided to make a quick trip to southern Alberta just to tour around and see stuff. This was largely inspired by a part of the grade 4 curriculum; my daughter learned about Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump in school and we chose to run with her curiosity.

We headed down the highway and landed in Calgary at lunch time. We were lucky enough that one of our friends was available to meet with us, and we spent an awesome afternoon eating at Diner Deluxe and visiting with Katharina. I have been to this restaurant before when in Calgary for the Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine's Scrapbook Carnival. It was featured on the Food Network show "You Should Eat Here" at some point, and I was excited to share it with my family.
Full and happy! Doesn't Katharina add some class to the family? Love that girl!

It is a totally unassuming looking place- but filled with good home cooking and made from scratch burgers.
Onward! When we decided to head to Southern Alberta, I was originally thinking we could rent a cabin somewhere or maybe even get all crazy and crack out the tent. In my search, I found Roelofsen's Guest House near Fort Macleod. It sounded good on the website, so we decided to give it a go. I sent the owner a range of dates that we could travel and asked her if she had a three night stretch available. Done!

So. We didn't really know what we were getting into. It was all very casual to book, but we liked that it had a full kitchen so we could have breakfast at home etc. The website even promised that the fridge would be stocked for us with all our breakfast needs. We were not sure what that really meant, so we decided to get to the guest house before going to a grocery store.

We found the place easy enough (yay GPS!) and were met with our cheery host. She quickly got us installed and we were off to find out what we had got ourselves into.

In short, I would whole-heartedly recommend this place! It is in the middle of a farm, so if you are at all opposed to seeing your dinner walk around, this may not be the place for you. Otherwise, it was pristine, and when they stock a fridge, they really stock a fridge! We were delighted to not only find eggs, cereal and toast for breakfast, there was also a nice selection of fruit, cold cuts and frozen pizza! The kitchen was equipped with everything you could wish for and there was even a bar-be-que on the huge deck!

We started to read how to play chess. But then we stopped. And played checkers. My kid is a shark!


Breakfast and lunch!!!!

And the best part- critters to pet!
Inspection over, we determined we did not need to stop at the grocery store after all. But we did need to find supper, so off to town we went. After we ate we looked around and found an historic graveyard. Naturally we went in! That's what everyone does on vacation, right?

There was a special section with original and beyond members of the NWMP. But this headstone really caught my attention. Anyone know if the log is significant? And wouldn't you love to know the story here?
And with that, we were off home to sleep. 'Til tomorrow!

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