Jul 26, 2013

Brontosaurus Sausage

I understand that there are many who don't get my sense of humor, but honestly, I crack myself up sometimes!  One of my favorite things to do is tell tall tales to young and gullible children. For example, my daughter believed for years that I was old enough to have lived along side the dinosaurs, and that in fact I once had a brother who was just not quick enough and was squashed by a giant footstep!  The gig was up when she asked her grandma about the son she lost. (Note to self- let grandma in on the stories!)

So, my nephew has been staying with us for a few weeks to take swimming lessons. We've been exploring here and there to keep everyone happy and one place we went to was Jurassic Forest. This simple little explore brought his imagination alive with the dream of seeing real, actual dinosaurs one day. Then he noticed the wishing well at the pool, and obsessed for a few days about getting a coin and making a wish. Done! He planned his wish carefully and wished for dinosaurs to be back alive, but to not be too fierce so we could all easily co-habitate.

That afternoon he was sitting there mournfully sighing, so I asked what the matter was. He said he figured that the wishing well didn't work because he hadn't seen any dinosaurs yet. As I comforted him, my mind saw opportunity to spin a tall tale....

So I told him that we wouldn't really know where the dinosaurs would show up. It might not be our back yard. In fact, it could be as far away as Toronto. I told him something like that would make the news and I would be sure to watch and let him know if anything came up.

Flash forward a few more days. He spies some sausage thawing on the counter and asks what was for supper. "Oh! I forgot to tell you!" I exclaimed. "I saw on the news last night that a brontosaurus was found in Saskatchewan. They captured and killed it and sausages were made from it. I went super early to Safeway to make sure we got some. I went even before you woke up!!!" Yes. I told my nephew his wish came true and we were now going to eat that poor wished back to life dinosaur.  He was delighted!

Brave kid trying his first bite of brontosaurus sausage!

ANd the verdict is in- they're ggrrrreat!

So, if you are a little twisted and enjoy telling tall tales to children and you see my nephew, please do ask him how he liked his brontosaurus sausage!!!

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