Apr 16, 2011

Those kids make me smile!!!

I was working with a little guy on Friday- knew he had no clue what he was supposed to be doing for his little Easter project.  He is one of those happy kids that rolls around like a puppy but then is shocked and upset with himself when he realizes that he's forgotten to listen to instructions.  I am pretty sure I saw him trying to stand on his head when the teacher was telling him what to do...

Anyways, the kids were sent back to their tables and their projects and I went over to catch him up.  Unfortunately he was still off in his imaginary world where you needed to poke your scissors into the top of your glue stick, so out came my stern voice to capture his attention.  I let him know that I was here to help him, but would come back later if he was not ready to listen to instructions.  His little face was the picture of contrition and he looked ready to join me in learning about the wonders of using said scissors and glue on actual paper.  I asked him if he had something he wanted to say to me, hoping for something like "I will listen now Mrs. L.!" or "I am sorry Mrs. L.!"  Instead his face quirks into its customary beaming smile and he says to me, as he gently pinches my cheeks, "Now where is that smiling face???"

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