Apr 3, 2011

Some Random Sunday Thoughts

1. I am obsessed with holidays lately.... thinking about summer holidays, thinking about Christmas 2011.
2. New neighbours moved in next door this weekend.  Thinking of going all Martha Stewart on them and baking something to welcome them to the neighbourhood.  Good intentions pave the road to hell, or so they say.  We'll see if I add a cobblestone to the road or not!
3. Need a haircut and color- bordering on desperate.  Have to find out if my stylist will see me some evening as I don't have daytime availability anymore.
4. I miss having daytime availability.  But I love my new job... figures!
5. Loves hearing kids play outside.  Warms the cockles of my heart it does!
6. Wonders what heart cockles are...
7. Stuffed pork tenderloin for supper tonight.  Need to find some sort of recipe/guidepost for that!
8. Happy that the edges of the lawn are appearing from the beneath the snow mountains.  Not happy that the cats are tracking in mud.
9. If I were rich would I buy overpriced clothes, shoes and purses?  Would love to think that I could do something better with my good fortune, and would really love the opportunity to find out!  I would hire someone to come here and put up our baseboards in spite of the fact that we are all perfectly capable to do the task!  I bought a lotto Max ticket today... gets me dreaming:0)  I am pretty sure I would take lots of holidays.
10. Looking forward to getting back to work tomorrow and seeing what the kindergardeners have been up to!

This is what the gang was up to outside this afternoon!

Mark's artsy photograph!

The lucky snowman and her creators.  Nice work Avery and Emma!  They named her Belle.

The 'help'

If you could dream any holiday you wanted, where would you like to go?


  1. Anywhere I'd feel perfectly safe!

  2. back to mexico - with the kids this time at a fun family resort and then back again later for the adult only fun lol!! yep, I loved it there :)

  3. on a year long world tour!

  4. Jayme, you can pick cockles off the beach shore....reminds me of a song I used to sing often as a little welsh girl. Reading your blog brings back memories of our roomate random discussions :) To answer your question I would like to travel to the south of france and drink red wine in cafes (teehee....assuming they serve red wine in cafes....it is France after all :-) )Michelle


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