Apr 27, 2011

Easter Pictures... well some of them anyway!

The Easter weekend was a relaxing one for us.  Mark and Avery did not have work/school on Thursday and spent a fun day together (along with a friend of Avery's) at the Telus Space and Science center while I went to work for a day of meetings and catch up.  Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning were at home as we had some things planned here.  We headed out to Mom and Dad's after lunch on Sunday and were treated to an amazing Easter feast as always.  Sunday evening the kids got to play farmer and check cows at my cousin's farm.  It is high calving season at his place, so there is always lots of interesting things to see! I took pictures using my phone, and don't know how to get them from there to here, so you'll have to take my word for it!

Then Monday morning we went for a long walk after breakfast, and saw many marvellous things.
Wide Open Spaces

The Meteor that killed the dinosaurs!

A cozy little spot to play 'baby deer' and nestle away quite hidden!

Great places to dig!

Even Buddha likes to dig;0)

Some animal's vertebrae- not sure what it was, but for a small animal it had a very stout build.

Saw eagles/hawks flying in and out of their nest and playing in the breeze, but no picture.  They were too far to see what bird it was for sure, but the heard that amazing piercing cry.

Hope your Easter was was happy too.

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