Sep 16, 2011

Halloween Planning...

Avery told me that she wants to be a 'Vampire Cheerleader' for Halloween this year. "Like Draculaura from Monster High?" asked I.

"Sort of," Avery replied.  "But not really Draculaura.  She looks really cool and everything, but I would have to faint every time someone said the word 'blood' like she does. I would just end up spending the day falling over and fainting!!!!"

Ah.  So the quest has begun to find pieces to make a vampire cheerleader outfit just like Draculaura's in every way but name...

Speaking of Halloween.  We ordered some meat from an online company (Gourmet Secrets. Groupon made me do it.). It came by UPS and was packed in a cooler with dry ice. "Cool," thought we!  We can save the dry ice and do something with it at Halloween. We packed it into a ziplock bag and put it in the freezer.  Where it promptly puffed up the ziplock bag to it's maximum and beyond.... who else but us would have a dry ice explosion in their freezer?

Happy Friday everyone:0)

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