Sep 6, 2011

Totally Cool Concept!!!!

I love to read.  Need to read.  Life is sometimes crazy for me, and I don't get to read as much as I would like but I at least have a MacLean's magazine on the go for a few minutes reading before bed.  I read pretty much any genre, any topic and love it when I find something new that intrigues me.  Which brings me to the 10th circle project.

Each of the 10 editions is written by different authors in turn, and it is only available for e-readers.  What a fun collaboration!

ETA: So, as it says in the comments, the three authors work collaboratively on each edition.  I stand corrected! However it works, Eileen Bell, Billie Milholland and Ryan McFadden have created something intriguing!

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  1. Thanks for being intrigued, Jayme! (just to let you know,though, all the writers will be writing for each Circle.) There will be short stories, novellas and flash fiction pieces, each of which tells a bit more of the story of Hope and Glory and the mysterious 10th Circle Project.

    We are having a ton of fun writing this -- so I hope you will continue to be intrigued!


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