Jan 22, 2012

CHA Peek Time!

One of the best things to chase away the January doldrums it the fact that CHA happens at the end of the month!  I love the excitement of seeing new releases from my favourite companies.  The following is by no means a final list of all that I am anticipating, but a mere beginning!

First off, from Magenta, whose paper is of such a lovely quality, it always almost makes me cry to cut it up.  Their 'Color Me Softly' line is so pretty, it is making me swoon just to see it! What am I gonna do when faced with this paper and actual scissors???  I can't wait to find out!

And if you can resist these cute little chipboard gnomes, then I suspect you may not have a soul.  (Totally kidding, but only just, lol!) I always like Magenta's chipboard and cork releases, but these little guys give my fancy an extra tickle.

Next, let's go on to Bo Bunny.  They always have such large releases, they make it tough on me because I usually like them all.  Now, I didn't snag pictures of all their releases, but you can visit their blog to look at more.  You will probably end up liking more.  You're welcome!




I'm done for....

And I still have not made it to the end of my (today's) list!!!!!

How about a little Webster's Pages?  I thought that is what you might say!!!!  Who does beautiful any better than WP?  I don't know either.

Two collections I am coveting, the first is called 'Everyday Poetry' and here is a little sample of the good things to be found there:

And the next is called 'Palm Beach'.  The Perfect Accents are just... well, perfect! 

Maya Road still has more to roll out, and I will be watching!  I LOVE the way they not only show you what is coming soon, they show it in action!!!  Their peeks are so inspiring.  The MR blog did not identify the creators of the following goodness, so with apologies on not giving proper credit, I am going to share some of my favourites!

Do you see the wooden shapes, linen embellishments, fun stamps and creative excitement???  Oh yeah!

Tip of the iceberg, my friends!  Tip of the iceberg. Try to be grumpy about the snow and cold now, will you?

Tell me, what scrappy goodness are you anticipating?

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