Jan 12, 2012

Signs that my child may be tired...

After school today, I was getting Avery organized for her activities when the daily discussion about 'what's for supper' happened.  We agreed on spaghetti and meatballs, and everyone was happy.

As I was dropping her off, I let her know that her dad would pick her up after class and that I was going home to get supper started.  She asked, "Mom.  Do you think we could have real spaghetti noodles with supper?  I mean the long ones, not the twisty ones like we had last time!" (Last time was at least two months ago- why would she remember the details of a dinner from that long ago???) "Sure," I said.  "I'll stop at the store and get some because we are out at home."  I figured I could get some garlic bread too....

So off to the store I went.  As I was after only a few items, I grabbed a small basket and wandered around to see what else caught my attention.  Because, really, going through the checkout with just a package of spaghetti and some garlic toast seemed a bit much.  Yop was on sale- so I got some.  Radishes called out to me- not sure why- but I added some of those too. Threw in stuff for caesar salad.

Got home, put everything away and started on supper.  Which is when I discovered that I forgot to get spaghetti!!!!!  Resorted to the available twisty noodles and got busy.

Avery came home, and I let her know about the noodle situation- upon which she burst into tears!!!!!  Like, ugly cry kind of tears.  The world as we know it is over kind of tears.... I looked at Mark bewildered by the intensity of her reaction and whispered that she must be tired.  He rolled his eyes in agreement.  Avery stormed off, but she did calm down pretty quickly.

I carried on with dinner.  And then was struck by the thought: perhaps it is not just Avery who is tired.  Who goes to the grocery store with a list of one pertinent item, and leaves without it???  Tired people, that's who!!!!!

That first week back to school/work after a holiday is a.... well. You know.

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  1. Hugs, Jayme. Life can punch you in the stomach. A little love note in her lunch box will let her know you love her to bits even if you did forget the spaghetti. And it will be a funny memory in a few years.


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