Mar 6, 2011

Friday... Sunday... or some other day!

I am late! I am late! For a very important date!!!  (Can't you just see me in a rabbit suit? I am pretty sure I fell down the rabbit hole.)  So, it is not at all Friday, but I'll be honest.  Friday was a day like no other and it has taken me til Sunday to recover.  Better late than never, I have a winner for the promised Tim Holtz Sizzix embossing folders.  And the winner is....

Sue P.!!!  Congrats!  (See that empty space above?  It was supposed to hold the video of the actual name draw.  After nearly two hours of watching blogger spin it's little wheels about it, I gave up and decided to post sans high-tech addition!)

Please email me your address and I will send this off to you:0)

Thanks to you all for signing up to follow this blog.  I solemnly swear the bloggers oath to regularly add something of interest.

Full work week for me- regular school Monday-Thursday and then I get to spend Friday as a student. (I am now on the other side and have to figure out where Avery can be for my professional development day, lol).  I'll be listening to Barbara Kaiser all day Friday. She speaks about dealing with young kids with challenging behaviour bringing in elements of neuroscience, psychology, social skills etc to help you understand why kids misbehave and what you can do about it.  If any parents are interested, she is speaking on Thursday March 10 at Broxton Park school (7pm).  It is a free session brought to you by the Parkland School District.

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