Mar 8, 2011

Some days are like that....

Today was a home day.  Avery started getting sick yesterday and by this morning she was a snotty, fevered mess.  Her poor eyes are weepy, her throat hurts and she has lost her voice.  The day has been spent on the couch with lots of books, tv, fluids and kleenex.  Funny how kids regress when they are sick and so she was putting in her old Bearnstein Bear movies and I am totally grateful that she never liked Barney!!!  So I brought out a few other movie choices and she chose 'Big'.  Remember that one? With Tom Hanks, made in the 80's?  Well, I had fond memories of it as a silly story, a what-if story, a perfectly suitable story. Probably some swearing, thus the PG rating.  Turns out, I forgot the scene where Tom Hank's character totally hooks up with a co-worker.  She takes off her blouse while they kiss, there is some bewildered fondling and 'cuppage'.  Avery says, "Mom!  Why is she doing that???  Why are they even doing that???"  Ummmm.... well *ahem* Thank goodness they cut away before any more happened!!!

So, our living room looks like this:

and poor Avery looks like this:

Some days you just give up to chicken noodle soup and cuddles!  (With a few awkward explanations thrown in for good measure.)

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