Mar 23, 2011

All Good Things

Spring break is so close, I can taste it!  One more work day, and then it'll be time to enjoy a wee holiday.  We'll head out to Elk Point for the weekend for a memorial hockey tournament.  Although I am still in disbelief over the fact that we have to mourn and memorialize an active 42 year old friend who passed away in November, I am honoured to come from a town that is showing his family such support.  Six hockey teams are playing to raise funds for the community and Jim's family, about 300 (at last count) people are coming to the family dinner-dance and donations are flowing in from every source.  I am PROUD to come from Elk Point and I am grateful that I can be involved in helping out.  I am part of the dinner team and will be peeling potatoes til the cows come home.... here's to surpassing everyone's expectations and honouring a solid stand-up guy who was involved in his community, a rock for his family and a larger than life personality.

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Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine has teamed up with Ninabrook Designs for an amazing give-away!!!  You have until midnight Friday March 25 to do the following:
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And finally, who hasn't been glued to the news of the tragedy unfolding in Japan?  The nation is showing such strength and resolve as they are reeling from disaster to disaster.  I know we have made a donation to the Red Cross for the relief effort and are participating in some other initiatives through our work places.  And am looking to do any more that I can, like buying this AWESOME stamp set Close to My Heart has put out to bring a little 'Hope for Japan'.  They are offering this stamp set for the incredible price of $5 and they are donating 100% of the profits to the Red Cross.  Now that can't be beat! Want to get your hands on this stamp set?  Hop on over to Carla's blog and she has more details for you.

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