Oct 20, 2011

Wanted: Child Interpreter!

Yesterday at breakfast, my daughter says to me,

"Mom, I think I should stay home from school today.  When I'm at school and Madame asks a question, I always put up my hand.  It just shoots up; I can't even control it!!  Sometimes I don't even know the answer."

Mom (aka Me!) is bemused, bewildered and curious.  "Why do you need to stay home because of that?"  A legitimate question, I think.

"So I can rest my voice," she replies with all the duh-ness her eight year old self can muster.  Which is a lot, actually.

Request denied (whilst stifling a sigh and a giggle).  Off to school she goes.

Shortly after she leaves, a school about a half hour out of town calls with a sub job for me.  I accept it, and hustle my way out to work.  Just as I pull into the parking lot, my cell phone rings.  It's my daughter.

"Mom. I really don't think I should be at school.  I have a sore throat, my head hurts and I feel sick."

Ah. Obvious, really.

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  1. Sounds like she may have had a case of dictee flu. Lily get's that sometimes. It falls only on spelling test days. : )


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