Aug 31, 2011

Garden Bliss

How I love our little garden in the side yard.  Only 4 feet wide, we manage to grow ingredients for salsa and other things we love.  This year looks like our best year ever- we've even managed to grow cucumbers, something that has eluded us for 5 years!  We've planted seeds every year, but never grew a plant.  Excepting last year, when we didn't plant any cukes and were surprised when something suspiciously cucumberish popped up.  (It turned out to be a pumpkin plant sprouted from the seeds left to compost.  But the delight we felt was REAL dammit!)

This year the cucumbers are the stars.  Seriously.  We've grown the best tasting cukes on the planet.  Not sure what kind we planted, but I don't think they are the kind you turn into dill pickles.  Maybe a long english or field cucumber?  Of course, we are getting more than we can eat, so it is fun to play cucumber fairy and randomly deliver around to friends and neighbours.

Is there any ode to a cucumber songs?  There should be, cuz I want to sing it to these yummy guys!

These little orange mini tomatoes taste just like sunshine!

Look at my poor tomato plants!  They were so burdened that they actually crushed the tomato cage and fell right over!  This happened last year too, so I was extra careful placing the cages this year.  I guess next year I will stake them as well!!!!

Cucumber plants are well designed to hide their precious babies!  Better fun than a 'Where's Waldo' picture!

We should even get a decent amount of corn this year.



  1. This is me leaving a comment- will it work?

  2. I think it might! Nice to see your yummy garden. Our yard is too shady to grow much in the way of vegies. Have a great day!


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