Aug 26, 2011

Little bit of memory lane....

We have spent the past couple of weeks picking away at transforming the former playroom into a study.  Finally last night we were ready to move all the office things that have been stored like squirrel nuts in hidden corners of the house.  In cleaning out those spots I found a little treasure: A little notebook where I recorded some Avery stories from when she was two and three years old.  Some of my favourites follow:

Avery: How big am I Mama?
Mom: Let's measure and see. (We measure her against the wall).
Mom: You are 37 inches!
Avery: Wow!!!!!
Dad: Hey! That's three feet, one inch!!!!!
Avery (very seriously): No Dad. I only have two feet!

Avery: The worker's must be fixing my brain!!!!  I can hear again!!! (Avery had a cold and her ears were plugged.)

Avery: Mom! I have a cat in my throat.  It feels pretty scratchy!!!!

What made you smile this week?

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  1. Aw, those all made me smile too! I am terrible for not getting this stuff down on paper, but I need to start now. Better late than not at all...we've had some doozies here too. lol


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