Jul 7, 2013

Summer Fun #2

Today is officially Avery's birthday. When asked what she would like to do today, her reply surprised me! She wanted to go to art galleries...
So after a Avery designed breakfast (waffles, bacon and cheesy eggs), we headed downtown Kelowna. There are a few art galleries and shops, and so we figured we would wander as long as our interest allowed.
Not even out of the parking garage and Dad is snapping photos!

Lunch stop at the bicycle shop... true story!

At the Okanagan Orchard Museum, there was a bee's home.  Fascinating to see them climbing all around their nest.

The bees even had a separate entrance!

At the artist's gallery/studio space. Artists rent space to work from and art is hung everywhere. They have a few curated displays (no photos allowed). Avery was interested in the potter's studio, where they do have kids' workshops going on next week. Sounds like we are checking into availability.

A pause in the shade, waiting for the rest of the group.
We went to the Kelowna Art Gallery next. There was a display of artwork from local students, a few formal displays, and a space for people to just play with art. Avery and I stopped to enjoy the watercolors and oil pastels.

A shady walkway with... you guessed it! ART!

Made it to the lake again... extracted a promise from Avery that she would stay dry today as we still have dinner reservations and no time to run home for dry clothes.

Might as well stop for henna tattooing!

More public art to pose in post dinner (we ate Italian at Mama Rosa's).

And more...

It was a lovely day, but now it was time to return home for cake!

Again! this cake delivered 4 crushes as well. Sigh....


  1. Happy Birthday to Avery! I so enjoyed seeing your holiday photos....beautiful pics! and love that henna tattoo!

  2. She looks more like you every day. What a beautiful henna tattoo - looks like a wonderful day!


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