Jul 12, 2013

Summer Fun #6

We woke up to another beautiful Okanagan morning, and after Avery went off to camp, I headed out for some 'Me' time. Any guesses where I went? To the scrapbook store just up the road! I was there just before the doors opened for the day- I felt like such an eager beaver! I happily browsed and found some goodies to buy, but not a whole lot. I was looking for product from particular manufacturers and didn't have much luck in that department.

I wanted to go to another scrapbook store in Kelowna, but didn't remember exactly where it was. And I didn't really want to drag Mark along because that's not so fun for him. But it worked out that a part he ordered to fix the van mirror he broke getting out of the garage was in- and it was practically next door to the SB store I wanted to see. The SB gods were looking out for me! This store had a better selection and I came away with some project starters for the Scrapoga Crop coming up next weekend!

We picked up Avery and as we had lunch we decided to abandon our original plan or hiking up on Knox mountain. It was just to hot too not find a beach, so we decided to head back to Peachland and go to the beach we saw when we were scouting out supper the night before. AND! just for fun we decided to go to Hardy Falls, a place we have been visiting since Avery was a few years old. It has a wonderful forest trail along a stream that leads to a little waterfall. It was an easy trek when Avery was small, but just so pretty that everyone enjoys it.

See? Told you it was pretty!

There are lots of little bridges that let you walk over the creek as it meanders. And wasn't it nice of them to coordinate so nicely for pictures?

On our very first walk to Hardy Falls, Avery posed on this bench with her grandparents. So of course we had to stop again!

A fallen log makes a great little explore over the creek with an added element of danger!

There is nothing like being in a space alive with the songs of insects and birds. A perfect place to just 'be'...
Enough of that! To the beach! To the beach we say!

Of course, Avery is the only one crazy enough to want to go in the water. The rest of us brought books and chairs and were ready to enjoy the cool breeze off the lake. We ended up with not very much time left for the lake because Mark and his dad had a sailing engagement to get to, and needed to have supper before they left. Avery came up with the practical (to her) plan of sending Grandma home with the boys to send them off to the yacht club and then return later for us, giving her more time in the water. She is one lucky kid, because Grandma went for it!

So! She set about enjoying the beach, which is quite remarkable. Peachland has set up zip lines, swinging ropes, bobbing logs, rafts and a high diving board and they have life guards on duty watching over the gaggles of goofy kids. Paradise for a 10 year old!

Off the dock and diving in! She spends most of her time underwater looking at rocks  and trying out headstands. We were starting to wonder if she would try out any of the other fun activities...

Finally! But will she go through with it??

Avery went on the rope quite a few times, but mostly just did her underwater thing. Until the very end when Grandma and I were trying to call her in to go home. Then she took a surprise turn and zip-lined herself into the water!

After supper (fish tacos- a huge new hit for Avery), we headed downtown to listen to the music in the park and eat ice cream from Moolicks (an activity on Avery's wish list for this week. One that she reminded us of endlessly. Continuously. Until we threatened her with NO MOOLICKS AT ALL if she brought it up again.)

Mark's dad sails in a regatta every Wednesday, and because one of the regular team members couldn't make it, Mark was invited along! He was pretty excited!

It was so peaceful out on the water... when he wasn't ducking the boom and getting hollered at for touching the wrong black rope!

I was just glad he didn't fall off. Especially after I heard that the rest of the team was sitting on the high side of the boat like sensible people while he was leaning off the low side to take photos....

'Til tomorrow...

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