Jul 16, 2013

Summer Fun #8

Last day in the Okanagan, and it was a special day because Mark's parents were celebrating their 44th wedding anniversary. So what better way to celebrate that milestone than by visiting a kangaroo farm!

Kangaroo Creek Farm has been in the Kelowna area for 20 years, but only opened to the public last year. And I have to say, the visit was a highlight of our week. It is a very interactive place- most of the animals are available to hold, pet, play fetch with and enjoy. They are very clear about the fact that you are visiting a farm, and animals' homes; you are expected to act accordingly. You are warned that animals bite, scratch, play shy and otherwise do what they need to do if they feel threatened and you visit at your own risk. That said, the animals were very calm and used to having company. There were plenty of staff members available to help and inform and we stayed longer than we intended! Awesomeness on a stick for animal lovers!

The entrance is sort of off a main street in Winfield. You park on the street and hike down. Wear good shoes- it is steep!

This is the top of the descent, and the view of half the visiting area.

There are two areas to visit animals in- we went to the left first and saw:

Frank and Mark the emus...

some pot bellied pigs (I find these guys adorable!!!!)

baby capybaras, no where near their potential 150 lb size

and a couple of birds. Avery loved 'Bubbles' and went back to hold him on her shoulders several times. Bubbles liked her glasses, and she ended up having to take them off!

lots of dozy baby goats

peacocks and funny chickens too!
We hung out here for a long time. The big farmer brought in food for the animals and happily passed it around to anyone who wanted to feed some critters. Avery was all over that!!!!

Yum! It was surprising the critters that enjoyed willow!

even Grandpa got in on the action...
All right, we've been over an hour at a kangaroo farm, and we have not seen the kangaroos and wallabies yet! Onward!

but first look! Another bird to perch on a shoulder! Bliss!
but the bird only had eyes for Mark! She got right snarky when anyone tried to take her off his shoulder. Total bird-flirtin' going on!!!!!

there we go! Sweet little kangaroos to visit with. I was surprised with the dexterity of their little paws!

There was no petting this mama with a joey in her pouch! Joey was too shy to poke her head out though!

Now here is something you don't get to do every day! There were little joeys in 'pouches' to hold!

and how about a sugarglider? I'm surprised this little guy didn't get lost- so tiny to be passed around!

done with the kangaroos, we went back to the other area... so Avery could wander around with a parrot on her shoulders again. maybe she is part pirate?

meet Dingo the 3/4 chocolate lab, 1/4 bull mastiff, aka cutest puppy ever! I have never had a real tug on my heartstrings to own a dog, but Dingo did it for me. Cuteness with a stick!
it looked like Avery had every intention of moving onto the farm. the rest of us got comfortable so she could take 'her' bird for a final walk!
After the farm and lunch we headed home.  We enjoyed the beautiful weather on the deck and Avery looked at wedding albums with Grandma.

After supper Grandpa took Avery to Moolix (according to the sign, I've been spelling it wrong!) for one last ice cream treat. Then we went to city park to enjoy the entertainment.  It was rock and roll night, and all the preschoolers and drug addicts danced together... only in BC!
The end of our Okanagan fun...

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