Jul 10, 2013

Summer Fun #5

We sent Avery off to art camp again this morning, this time equipped with a paint shirt. While she was occupied, Mark and I went to check out some wineries!

Our first stop was at Kalala Organic Winery. It was up in the hills in a part of West Kelowna that Mark had never been to before and the location was beautiful. There was a stillness there that was soothing and slowing.  The winery itself is very small, and the wine shop/tasting room was in sort of a garage looking place. I wasn't sure we were opening the right doors at first!

We tasted these ones...

and brought home 3 of them!

Baby grapes are so cute!!!!
 From there we went back across the highway to the Mount Boucherie Winery.  And wouldn't you know it? We found 3 more we liked! Plus some cooking sauces, just to keep it random:0)

Mark is trying to smile without his teeth because he chipped his tooth. He ends up looking kind of stern...

I think this is much better, don't you?

To the victor goes the spoils!

Next place we tried to visit was Meadow Vista Honey Wines. They have a bit of a crazy location that was hard to find. When we finally did find it deep in an industrial area, we were greeted by this sign. We didn't call. Onward!

We had time for one last stop before picking up Avery, so we headed to Volcanic Hills Estate Winery. And can you guess what happened? We found 3 more bottles to take with us!

Off to get Avery, who had a wonderful time painting, developing stuff in a dark room, and doing paper mache. And reportedly having a contest with the instructor on the best British accent...

The paper mache foundation.

The darkroom with the wonderful rotating door!

The painted part that will be layered over the mached part later.

And the stuff she developed in the dark room! She was fascinated with photography in the pre-digital age, where you didn't know what was on your camera until a week or more after you sent it in!
So. That took care of the morning. Today was smoking hot (mid 30's), so we planned to head to Penticton to float down the canal.  Avery decided it was a hit, and wants to do this every summer. It was super peaceful on the water- a lovely way to spend a hot day!

The boys are off! They have a little floating cooler with our water bottles.

And us girls are almost off. It is a little hard sitting in that shockingly cold water!

Seriously. Cold. Shockingly. Cold.
Done with floating, we set off in search of other adventures. We drove down to the beach in the center of town, and found a little amusement area. We decided to check it out. It was a good place..

with a high ropes course

water misters to walk through

blue raspberry slurpees

and almost tame duck families!
'Til tomorrow...

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  1. Love Kalala! Love wineries...brought back 3cases last year! Enjoy :) Not going to make it this year :( The kids favourite beach is Peachland...zipline and the only high diving board on the lake.
    Have fun!


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