Jul 8, 2013

Summer Fun #4

The day started off bright and early so we could get Avery to her Young Picassos art camp! She was practically the first one up and chirping like a bird she was so excited. It was confirmed that there was indeed space for her about 15 minutes before class started, so off she raced in a excited whirlwind! Cool thing is that the program is housed in Mark's old school.

First day of art camp was all about clay. She created the two pieces on the ends and apparently found the cup in a discard bucket and the instructor agreed to fire it for Avery so she could paint it up.
After camp ended at 12:30 we had a quick lunch and packed for the beach! I was kind of grumbly at first because the best beaches have always been so busy and crowded. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the beach was not overpopulated and that the people there were families and family friendly. Yay! I did not pack my bathing suit as the weather was no where near hot enough to entice me into those cold waters, but Mark did brave the conditions (up to his knees anyway) and so did Grandma! I read in the sunshine and soaked up every ray that I could.

practicing headstands...


and all around goggling the underwater world...
Avery spent most of her time diving under the water to see what she could see. I asked her what there was down there. Rocks, was the answer. Now you know!

after supper Avery used her new computer to google places Grandpa has visited

and to learn a few things from dad about this new machine!

'Til tomorrow....

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  1. I'm relaxed and happy just reading this! Enjoy ;)


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