Jul 8, 2013

Summer Fun #3

Today was an easy peasy lemon squeezy kind of day! As it was coolish and overcast, we figured it was a great day to go for a bike ride. So we loaded them up and headed for Mission Creek Greenway, a path that winds through Kelowna along Mission Creek. The handy markers along the path let us know that we traveled 12k by the time we went back and forth. We even played in a playground for a while. We only took iPhone pictures today.

We are off!

Avery was determined to lead the way...

...which meant she missed this handsome young fellow. He was nonchalantly following the creek bed and showed no concern about our curiosity. Just as this picture was snapped, he did look up as a dog was approaching down the path. Off he went!
We also stopped for a mama duck and 6 or 7 little ducklings to cross the path to get to the creek. They, too, ambled on their way unfazed by the audience.

Gratuitous flower shot from Grandma's garden. Complete with bees!
After supper it was time to head to the theatre to see Despicable Me 2. I think I was more excited than Avery! Normally I don't like to see the 3D version of a movie if I have a choice. I basically think they are a cash grab on ticket prices for no value added to the movie experience. But none of the 2D times worked out for us today (I suspect they schedule the 2D showings at the least convenient times to push people to the more expensive tickets) and as patience is not my virtue, we went for the 3D showing. It was not too gimmicky, and I enjoyed the movie a lot! Minions make the world a better place!

Add in meals on the deck, just ripe enough cherries from the tree, fresh peas from the garden and you have a near perfect summer day!

Until tomorrow...

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