Jul 14, 2012

Frenture Day 14!

Leg 3 - Hello Quebec City

Our last night in Montreal ended up being interrupted by the tenants above us, fellow bnb-ers, 4 young guys who had come in for the Iron Maiden concert and decided to play loud music in their room in the early morning hours.  It brought back memories of college except now we need our sleep!!  You gotta know there were some "hairy eyeballs" when we met on the stairs the next morning.

Our cab ride to the train station was smooth and after some lunch we pre-boarded the train thanks to a thoughtful porter who directed us into the right line.  It was a full train!  2.5 hours to Quebec City.  Avery won another game of 65.

  • Avery will remember almost running away with the circus as a trapeze artist while in Montreal.
  • Jayme will remember that the whole time we were in Montreal we did not see one detached house!  She realized once again how much she enjoys wide open spaces.
  • Mark will remember the performances whether it was a street troupe, or an organ recital, Cirque de Soleil, or serving a Schwartz smoked meat sandwich!

The train arrived on time and once it was our turn to hail a cab we made our way to Saint Louis BnB located in the heart of Old Quebec.  This is our first time to do a bed and breakfast ever so we were a little nervous.  Having to share a bathroom required some lengthy discussions with Avery.

We were warmly greeted by the owners and after putting our stuff in our room were treated with cookies and coffee as we learned a little more about the place.  What I am discovering is that the more we travel east, the more French is only spoken.  Avery is finding it hard to jump into speaking French as the conversation is pretty fast and not always done like it is in class but She was up to the challenge of ordering dinner for us in French.

 Outside the walls

a sculpture of a cat as it leaps into the air

Now Quebec City is coming to the end of it's summer festival, there have been concerts every night for the last 8 nights including Bon Jovi, Areosmith, Lionel Ritchie, LMFAO, Tower of Power.  Tonight Sarah McLachlan headlines an evening that includes Kathleen Edwards and Suzanne Vega.  We had purchased tickets in advance and got to be part of a magical night with a WHOLE LOT of other people.  The best part was the concert was on the Plains of Abraham and we were in bed 15 minutes after the show.  

 the crowds

Good Night!

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