Jul 13, 2012

Frentures- Day 13!

Return to the Mountain

Yes, that's right. We had to go back! That poor Mont Royal did not get it's due from the Loges and so we decided that we better go back, and we are so glad we did! It truly is a beautiful park.

But first, we need lunch. Can you guess what famous Montreal food we have not tried yet? The bagel!!!!  Off we go to St. Viateur's for some wood-fire oven baked goodness!  Now that was a good bagel.  We went with the sesame seed bagels as they were the freshest, and still a bit warm, and they are not like the poor Costco bagels AT ALL! The sesames get all fire toasted and mellow. Anyways, we did enjoy our lunch!

cute little place

big oven. the bagels start close to the fire for a bit, then are moved over to the cooler side to finish baking. they are boiled in honey water first

it is there behind the tree!!!

Now we are off to the mountain. This time we were smarter and took a bus up to near the summit. We figured that since we already did the hike, we deserved to go for the view. And what a view! So glad we returned and could have this experience!!!

see that funny looking building? that's where the Biodome is

a view; and a viewer

more view- this is McGill in the foreground, and the biosphere in the background

even more view. downtown, if you didn't guess. our apartment was between those tall building and the water/old montreal. great location!

from the lookout at chalet mont royal. that may be vermont in the far background

inside the chalet. that's pretty much it. washrooms downstairs, and a gift shop in a little room. the chalet was built in the early 30's as a make work project during the depression. not sure what function was intended as there is no kitchen or rooms or anything.

of course, we pause for ice cream outside the chalet

chalet from the outside. all stones and stuff

can you see it? Avery is playing peekaboo with a squirrel! They raced around and around that tree like a couple of nuts!

Back on the metro, back to old montreal. This time for the science centre.  It was all science center-y.

putting together a newscast article. Avery chose the topic "Death by cell phone" and put together clips on the environmental and traffic impacts of cell phones.

then she wrapped herself in a bubble

and lifted herself up

Fun was had.

At 7:30pm it was time for our final activity in Montreal. Amaluna!!!!! After all, you can't visit the birth place of Cirque de Soleil without checking out what they have to offer under the big top! No pictures, of course, but suffice to say that it did not disappoint, and had the crown on its feet for a 15 minute standing ovation.  I saw things that I have never seen before and watched the show in open-mouthed wonder. What a perfect ending to our Montreal week!

on our way into the circus!

and out of the circus!

lights on the water

old montreal at night

Tomorrow- on to Quebec City!

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