Jul 18, 2012

Frentures- Day 18!

Rain... and then some fun!

The rain that started last night continued through the morning, so we hung around the apartment right through lunch.  After spending most of the last 18 days walking, a morning of not moving made for a restless crew! So we decided to catch the bus down to the Fleur de Lys mall. It was cool and humid; none of us knew how to dress for that!

It was a mall like any other, but we did have some fun window shopping. Avery created fun and crazy outfits in several stores, and trying them on. How things have changed from a few short months ago, when getting her to try anything on in a store was greeted with a decided lack of enthusiasm!

Avery is finally getting more confident about using french when we are out and about. She orders things in restaurants, was able to ask for a particular size in a shoe store and in general tells us what passers by have to say, or interpret when people speak to us randomly (which happens a lot! People are friendly here.)  On the other hand, I do try to communicate what I can in French. I am embarrassed to report that people reply to me in English or let me know that they can understand english and I should switch! I tell them I am trying to get better and need to practice. No one has ever argued me on that point!

The stores started to shut just before 5:30, so we hopped the bus back to our neighborhood in search of supper.

We settled on Chez Victor- a 'gourmet' burger joint. We were not sure what that meant when we entered, but we sure did know by the time we left!

It means more great burgers than you can shake a stick at!  We probably should have shared a couple of burgers amongst the three of us, but there were too many intriguing choices to pass up! So, Mark ordered a duck burger, Avery had a classic and I had a pork burger with brie and red peppers.  All got a thumbs up- so if you are ever in Quebec and feel like a burger, Chez Victor is the place to go!

When we were finished, we were happy to see the sky clearing and thought we would test our luck and see if we could take in the free Cirque de Soleil outdoor performance.  They have a stage set up for the summer under a highway overpass near downtown. We found that they were indeed going to go ahead with a modified version of the show and lined up... and waited. And waited... And waited. Hanging out in line for an hour some is the only price we had to pay for this great show!  

the clown guy

these girls were incredible- even dangling from one another's feet

dude has serious upper body strength

i honestly don't think people were made to bend this way. she is going to just stay in a puddle when she is 75!

guitar player was bouncing and twirling on a trampoline while playing!

crazzzzzzy bike people were on at the same time at crazzzy skipping people. the bikes even bounced through the skipping rope!!!

A demain...

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  1. fun fun night!!!!!!super big burgers very tasty though.

    avery !!!!!!!!!!


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