Jul 19, 2012

Frentures-Day 19!

Oh chute (fall)!

We went to the Chute-Montmorency water falls today!soooo coooooool!!!!!! They're 84 m high: interesting fact Chute-montmorency is 30 m higher than niagara falls!!

You Had to first go across a looooooooooong bridge then you can climb down in to a pile of roots I fell in the mud!!!
Mom was scared going across and held onto my hand really tight!

After that you had to climb down 444 steps!

Then we took in the sights

see the bridge? That's where we crossed over the falls!

A little later we took a cable car up!!We stayed up for dessert

                                               back in town!!!
We went to lower town again saw some more glass blowing!
Got my picture drawn by an artist who did poetry as well!

I got to sit in the governor's chair -not very comfy that chair had no cushions!

Saw a couple getting married on a WEDNESDAY from A GOVERNMENT building!!!!!!!!!

 Had supper at a Tunisian restaurant! Dad had soup and fish sole (not my favourite) Mom had salad and chicken tajine. I had cabbage rolls (made with grape leaves) and chouc tauk (a chicken dish).
After supper me and dad went to chouche tard (Mac's in Alberta) and got some very good chocolate ice cream with coffee crisp it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD !

The youngest and the one that will always have a place in your heart....... Avery!

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