Jul 17, 2012

Frentures- Day 17


By all accounts, today was a quiet day. We enjoyed our last breakfast at the B and B, packed up our things and stowed them away for a few hours.  We walked the old town a bit and stopped again at the farmer's market, before getting out the door with suitcases in tow to our new place. It is actually walking distance from the old city, but with heavy suitcases and backbacks and lots of undulating streets, Avery and I ganged up on Mark and vetoed the low tech idea.

We stood outside the wrong house for about a half hour, finally receiving a rescue from our new host. We were at 2 Rue Richelieu, when we should have been at Apt 2, 128 Rue Richelieu. Fortunately,  he was gracious about our mistake! We were shown around the place, introduced to the resident gecko and handed the keys. Our home until Saturday!
the actual door to our apartment. it opens onto a staircase to the upstairs apartment.

the windows in the middle and top are 'ours'. the top level (with a bedroom and the bathroom) has all crazy slanted ceilings.

This apartment is on two levels, with a small deck out back. Again, we are still centrally located, and after just relaxing and reading for awhile, we headed out to explore our new neighborhood. It has a great mix of little shops (we stopped at Lady Kookie for a treat!) and a diverse selection of restaurants. Our ultimate goal, however, was a grocery store. We found a Metro and stocked up on breakfast items and ingredients to make our own supper!!!  At this point, cooking a meal is a treat. For the price of one supper out, we had enough food for one supper, leftovers for lunch, some snacks, a bottle of wine and a week's worth of breakfasts:0)

We came home, played a game of 65, cooked a steak dinner then went out for another little walk about, just to explore the other direction. All in all, the day was not very exciting, but just what we needed. Then we were delighted with another rain shower; this equals a cool night to sleep.

On a sad note, we got word today that Mark's Grandma passed away in Chilliwack. The news was not unexpected really, but the reality of it is hard. She was a strong, formidable lady and she will be missed!

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