Jul 11, 2012

Frentures- Day 11!

Trip to the Biodome

Up and at 'em today on the Metro again. This time to the Biodome/Gardens/Insectarium.

subway art

nous arrivons!

The Biodome is basically a zoo. Except many of the animals are not locked away from people. You walk through their habitat and try to find them amongst the trees etc. There were several different climate zones, with the appropriate critters.

from the rainforest

and also from the rainforest

and i am pretty sure these were from the rain forest.

By and large, the most cooperative animals were in the rainforest zone. The north american exhibit had some cool animals, but they were only visible on a video feed; the lynx was with her new kitten and off public viewing and the beavers were sleeping in their den. We did see a porcupine trying to hide behind a tree though. And the otters were awesome! The worker actually came and fed them while we were there, and we could see them zipping around the tank trying (and succeeding!) to catch the fish. Forgot to take pictures of the whole event though.

As you walk through the building, there are large poster pictures of some of the animals in the Biodome. Avery had fun taking pictures as I posed according to her directions:


 i've got a monkey on my back

these guys just go on and on and on...

Blup! Blup! Blup!

be very quiet; we don't want her to see us!

and of course, when visiting a rain forest, one must play in the rain!

And with that, we are off to the gardens and insectorium. There are no pictures from the insectorium because, well, it was just a bunch of bugs on pins in cases. We learned some interesting things though. Scarab beetles have the most amazing colors they think to fool predators into thinking they are drops of water. 

We did snap some from the gardens though. We all loved the special exhibit at the Japanese gardens with bonsai trees. The oldest was 270 years old!

peek a boo!

a curious furry friend 
les jardins japonais

peaceful moment

And so we headed back towards home and supper. Another interesting day on our French adventure!

how Avery drives her mother crazy at the subway station!!!!! not to mention her father encouraging this by taking pictures.  le sigh

Mark was with us all day too! Not one single photo of him today, but i promise he was there!

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