Jul 1, 2012

Frentures- Day 1!

Frentures? What on earth is that???  Simply french adventures! We have embarked on a three week journey to and around Quebec. Our journey began with a flight to Ottawa...

Avery couldn't get herself to look at the camera- she was too busy watching the baggage carousel for our suitcases!

My cousin dropped us off at the airport, we really had no lines at all anywhere, and boarded our plane without a hitch. The flight was smooth, although the landing was a little bumpy.  Avery had a green stomach after lurching through the cloud cover on our descent.

We rented a car for our first few days here, and while we were walking to the kiosk, we got the big idea to see if they might have a convertible that we could have instead of the boring sedan we booked.  Of course they didn't, but the fellow offered a sports car for the same price.  Mark was pretty happy with that, although I was a little confused at the maker.  Who knew Volvo made sports cars??  It is pretty cute though, with only 4000 km on it! After all, we are on holiday and why not have a little treat?

Not exactly a car girl, but as good as it will get in this family!

Avery is eager to ride shotgun.  We will make sure she gets the chance.

Happy man driving a sports car:0)

We are staying with family friends in Gatineau QC, and they gave us a route from the airport to their place that went past the cool Ottawa buildings.  I am a little embarrassed to say that I was shocked (shocked!) at how BIG the parliament buildings are.  I've only ever seen them on money or pictures and they look really tiny there.  Considering that they were built when Ottawa was still a swampy outpost it makes the scale and detail even more amazing. Of course, we took some drive by photos...

We'll be spending the day here on Canada Day, celebrating 145 years of Canada!

After supper (which finished with a 'bienvenue Avery' cake), we took little Flicka out for a walk. I think we saw a marmot. We did see a beautiful sunset. 

Hey look! Arret!


  1. following your Quebec holiday! TFS!

  2. Wow, what a great adventure this will be!!!


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