Jul 16, 2012

Frentures- Day 15 & 16

A Weekend in Old Quebec City

We went to the family fun activities.There was lots of cool things there. Mark learned some tricks on the chinese yo-yo. Jayme did some flower stick tricks (a kind of baton and two sticks). I went to circus school where you had to climb up a net and zip line down again! I got to paint a horse! I got my hair and face painted!

We went in to a little shop that had a music kind theme and there were bells every where in diffrent ways. there was a slope and you would take a soccer ball and you roll it down- it was so cool!

We saw some street performers and some glass blowing!


After the rush of Montreal, Quebec has been a far slower and gentler experience so far!  It is simply out of this world (or continent anyway) to see so many stone buildings that are hundreds of years old. The streets are narrow, many are pedestrian only and most are one way. The result leads to strolling, pausing and not hurrying to enjoy all the sights.

found a veranda to stop and read at. (Avery snapped this photo!)

all kinds of little hidey holes to discover!

along the promenade. There is an excavation under it of some even older buildings!

these people worried about invasions a lot- with good reason. there are cannons everywhere- and Avery climbed them all!

so much to look at wherever you turn

A bit about the bed and breakfast: the building itself is 244 (244!!!) years old and was the original city hall for Quebec City (or Hotel de Ville). We had a room on the third (and top) floor, where the ceilings were a good 12 feet high. The doors were tall and thick with real! wood all the way through.  We had a great view of the street below, which was a blessing and a curse. With this weekend being the wrap up for Quebec's summer festival there are HUGE crowds coming down to the Plains of Abraham (a mere block from our hotel). We were part of the crowds Friday night for the Sarah McLaughlin concert, but they were friendly crowds. Saturday night was a different experience altogether, as The Offspring was playing. There were hoards of angry, intoxicated people out that evening making lots of angry, intoxicated noise under our window... but I digress.  Back to the BnB. We were expecting cereal for breakfast, or at best, greasy sausages. Instead, we were treated to the most amazing foods, served restaurant style in a formal dining room, with classical music playing to boot! Each day there was a different kind of fresh baked bread, a different kind of breakfast (moroccan pancakes with homemade preserves, omelettes, fresh berries on waffles, homemade yogurt, fruit smoothies, AWESOME coffee). If ever you are in Quebec City and need a place to stay, I totally recommend BnB Saint Louis!

info about the building. it is now separated into two separate addresses.

our window is right at the top over the door

We spent one late morning in the Chateau Frontenac sipping coffee and playing a game of 65. Mark won that game! Going into the old CP hotel in Ottawa (Chateau Laurier) was something we missed out on, despite walking past it about a thousand times. I just never though people who were not guests could go in; I should know better as we have gone into Hotel MacDonald in Edmonton many times. We did not make the same mistake here!

Otherwise, we've been strolling, napping and enjoying great food! The weather has been super humid and hot and a thunder storm Sunday night was a welcome, albeit temporary, bit of relief.

the.best.poutine.ever lives here!

we see these tiny doors everywhere. they belong to the same address, but these ones get a half on their numbers. no idea what they are for.

ever feel like you are being watched? It is so neat to see statues old and new. 

we shopped lunch at a farmer's market one day. fresh croissants, cheese curds and cucumbers- MMMMMM!

another museum of civilization, another samurai exhibit. so, so so very cool!


more fountains and art

Monday we move from the old city to down the way to a less old part on town. Our apartment there is a mere 150 years old!

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