Jul 12, 2012

Frentures- Day 12!

Most Awesome Day Ever!!

You heard it here first. Best. Day. EVER!

Avery has been entranced by all the circus events going on around Montreal- from the street circuses that pop up everywhere, to the big Cirque de Soleil tent set up on the quay by old Montreal to the 'try your hand at circus performance' tent also on the quay.

She had been watching the trapeze and that is one of the things that you can try. She finally got up the nerve to ask if she could try, too, a few days ago. She could (7 and up), but the slots were filled for the day already. We were told to come back next day at 2 o'clock when they opened the list for more tryouts.  But we were at the Biodome and didn't make it to the docks yesterday. She talked about it non-stop!  So we knew that we had to give her a chance.

We spent the morning wandering around leisurely and stopped at a poutine place for lunch. It was good- but it will do us for a long while I think!

what to choose, what to choose? and what are avocado fries?

we ate here!

wanna bite? Italian poutine for Avery, smoked meat poutine for Mark, and avocado fries for me!

Okay, on to the business at hand.  We had some time to kill with a very jazzed up kid.  That was fun. And then...

up she goes!

it's a big reach to get the bar

and there she swings!

and dismount!

a happy girl!!!!

We celebrated with a queue de castor! And then went on to our next adventure, which was... ah heck! What does it matter what we did after that???

We went to Ile de St Helene and visited the biosphere. It was built for Expo 67 as the US exhibit, then given to the Canandian people. It is now an environmental museum.

we made it! Avery was very worried about the metro actually going under the river. she was totally expecting a flood in the car.

everyone needs a bird made from old propane bottles, don't they?

a beautiful girl...

...at a beautiful lagoon. (elsewhere on the island)

mama duck and babies. there was another one or two still hiding under her.

Our favorite exhibit at the biosphere was the display of clothes made from recycled materials. We can't decide if the creepiest was the hair dress (made from beauty parlour trash) or the mermaid dress (made from fish skin and kept in a freezer).

the fish dress. makes it all the weirder because it looks nice!

melted pill bottles

where all those wires go!

Tomorrow is our last full day in Montreal. See you then!

*you can see the pictures larger just by clicking on them*

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  1. again such great photos!
    - an exciting chance for Avery on the trapeze!


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